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"Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa’s Daughters of the Stone sings as few novels can. It also tells us of a culture and nation that is underrepresented in our literature: Puerto Rico. And it does so with brilliant flourishes, in a narrative both gripping and intimate. Conveying a wide sweep of history, as witnessed by several generations of women, the book has the warmth of autobiography while sustaining a firm and stately control of technique and language."

--PEN Literary Awards Program, October 13, 2010. 

Daughters of the Stone is for people interested in...

- hispanic literature

- caribbean literature








- latina studies

- contemporary fiction








- literary fiction

- puerto rican literature








- latin american studies

- women's fiction








- afro-puerto rican literature

- immigrant experience








- mothers and daughters

- african diaspora








- slavery in puerto rico 

- family sagas








- latinas in the US

- labor in puerto rico







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