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Paperback Edition 

Published by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa

Distributed by IngramSpark

Pub Date February 2019

On Sale Date March 14, 2019

ISBN 978-1-7326424-0-9

List Price: $18.00

Ebook Pub Date April 8, 2019

Ebook On Sale Date April 8, 2019

Ebook ISBN 978-1-7326424-1-6

Book Cover/Interior Designed by Cristina Castro Pelka

Cover Artwork by Dudley Vaccianna

Daughters of the Stone

A self-published paperback edition distributed by IngramSpark, Daughters of the Stone won the National Indie Excellence® Multicultural Fiction Award in 2020.
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Daughters of the Stone
Paperback Edition (2019)
ISBN 978-1-7326424-0-9

A lyrical powerful novel about a family of Afro-Puerto Rican women spanning five generations, detailing their physical and spiritual journey from the Old World to the New.


It is the mid-1800s. Fela, taken from Africa, is working at her second sugar plantation in colonial Puerto Rico, where her mistress is only too happy to benefit from her impressive embroidery skills. But Fela has a secret. Before she and her husband were separated and sold into slavery, they performed a tribal ceremony in which they poured the essence of their unborn child into a very special stone. Fela keeps the stone with her, waiting for the chance to finish what she started. When the plantation owner approaches her, Fela sees a better opportunity for her child, and allows the man to act out his desire. Such is the beginning of a line of daughters connected by their intense love for one another, and the stories of a lost land. 

Mati, a powerful healer and noted craftswoman, is grounded in a life that is disappearing in a quickly changing world.


Concha, unsure of her place, doesn’t realize the price she will pay for rejecting her past.

Elena, modern and educated, tries to navigate between two cultures, moving to New York, where she struggles to keep her family together.


Carisa turns to the past for wisdom and strength when her life in New York falls apart.


The stone becomes meaningful to each of the women, pulling them through times of crisis.


Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa shows great skill and warmth in the telling of this heartbreaking, inspirational story about mothers and daughters, and the ways in which they hurt and save one another. 



Daughters of the Stone

This first novel traces the lives of succeeding generations of Puerto Rican women from the

19th century onward.

Though its ambitious

 historical narrative is reminiscent of the Latin American boom writers, it has a distinct personality of its own. In particular, I enjoyed its feminist perspective as well as the author's tender loving care about language, a quality I find badly wanting in many a book published today.


Here is a novel

you have never read

before: the story

of a long line of extraordinary 

Afro-Puerto Rican 

women silenced

by history. In

Daughters of the Stone, Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa rescues them from oblivion and richly, compellingly,

magically introduces

them to literature— and

to the world.


Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa's Daughters of the Stone sings as few novels can. It also tells us of a culture and nation that is under-represented in our literature: Puerto Rico. And it does so with brilliant flourishes, in a narrative both gripping and intimate. Conveying a wide sweep of history, as witnessed by several generations of women, the book has the warmth of an autobiography while sustaining a firm and stately control of 

technique and language.

Pulitzer Prize winning author of 

author of

2010 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize Finalist

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