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Artists After Maria

A Photography and Narrative Exhibition 

Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa and photographer, husband Jonathan Lessuck have partnered to launch an exhibition entitled, Artists After Maria.

The photography and narrative exhibition features 10 artists and one community service provider from Puerto Rico whose lives and work have been affected by Hurricane Maria. The photographic works of Jonathan Lessuck each includes a narrative description written by Dahlma, based on interview sessions they had with each individual.  


“We wanted to shed some light on the areas of Puerto Rico that were not being covered in the press. The heart of the project began in Loíza, and as we met the artists they continued to recommend other artists,” stated Jonathan.  “While Dahlma’s vision is to bring this exhibition throughout different neighborhoods in the Bronx, we would love the opportunity to bring it to other neighborhoods and cities as well. We look forward to seeing how this will evolve and will continue to highlight how artists are moving forward creatively after Maria.”

“It is important to share their stories. We are excited to collaborate for the first time on such a meaningful project,” stated Dahlma. “We are grateful our project is in the skilled hands of the BxArts Factory’s curating team.” 



The first run of this traveling exhibition, #ArtistsAfterMaria  took place at  BxArts Factory's Studio 13 and featured a Creative Writing Workshop led by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa and a Photography Workshop led by Jonathan Lessuck. 



The BxArts Factory exhibition was supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and the Bronx Council on the Arts

Wish to host this exhibition?

As of January 2020, #ArtistsAfterMaria is currently not on exhibition. Galleries and curators should contact photographer Jonathan Lessuck with any and all questions. 

#ArtistsAfterMaria video by Juliana Mora

Meet the Artists highlighted

in #ArtistsAfterMaria

Anahí González Cantin

Poet/novelist (Carolina)

Carmelo Fontánez Cortijo

Painter (Río Piedras)

Maricruz Rivera Clemente

Community Organizer (Piñones)

Corporacion Pinonese Integra (COPI)

Martín García Rivera

Painter (Río Piedras)

Mayra Santos Febres

Novelist, Poet (Carolina)


Rafael Trelles

Painter (Santurce)

Ramón Bulerín

Painter (Canóvanas)

Raysa Rodríguez García

Muralist (Carolina)

Colectivo Moriviví

Samuel García

Painter (Arecibo)

Samuel Lind

Painter, Sculptor (Loíza)


Teresa Meléndez Padilla

(pictured above)

Artisan, Doll designer (Río Piedras)

Soy Mia Libertad


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