Literary Criticisms - Collected Essays

Fractal Families in New Millennium Narrative by Afro-Puerto Rican Women
by John T. Maddox IV
February 2023

Fractal Families in New Millennium_John T Maddox IV.JPG

Coming of Age in the Afro-Latin American: Blackness, Religion, Immigration
by Bonnie S. Wasserman
May 2022

Coming of Age in the Afro-Latin American Novel.jpg

Black Women’s Literature
of the Americas 
Griots and Goddesses

by Tonia Leigh Wind 
November 2021

Black Womens Literature of the Americas Griots and Goddesses.png

Decolonial Puerto Rican Women's Writing: Subversions in the Flesh

by Roberta Hurtado

June 2019

Decolonial Puerto Rican Womens Writings.jpeg
Literary Criticisms - Individual Articles

Decolonial Resilience: Resistance and Healing in Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa’s Fiction
by Roberta Hurtado

Label Me Latina/o Special Issue:

Afro-Latina/o Literature and Performance
Summer 2017, Volume VII

Flipping the Script: Memory, Body and Belonging in Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa’s Daughters of the Stone
by Christina Lam

Label Me Latina/o Special Issue:

Afro-Latina/o Literature and Performance
Summer 2017, Volume VII

"UNDESIRABLE WOMEN?" Afro—Puerto Rican Mother-Daughter Relationships and Puerto Rican Heritage in Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa's "Daughters of the Stone" 
by Christina Herrera

Chicana/Latina Studies
Vol. 12, No. 1 (Fall 2012)
Published By: Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS)

"Uprising Textualties of the Americas: Representations of Slavery in Contemporary Narratives of Afro-Hispanic Women Writers"
Lecture for Trading Race in the Caribbean Working Group, 
Bolivar House

Stanford University (2012) 

Published Chapters & Essays

A Woman of Endurance

Hobart Festival of Women Writers

June 2022

The Arrival, 1951

Big City Lit

November 2019


Bronx Weekday Magazine/This is The Bronx

March 7, 2019

Women Authoring Change


October 2019

Reclaiming My Journey

Auburn Avenue

Winter 2017


Back to the Field

Label Me Latina/o Special Issue:

Afro-Latina/o Literature and Performance
Summer 2017, Volume VII


Kweli Journal

May 2014

What Writing Means to Me


Revista digital de Historia y Arqueología desde

el Caribe colombiano

January 2013

How I Write – A Writer’s Journey

Words etc Quarterly Literary Journal

October 2008

Cuban Portraits

Narrative Magazine

September 2007

Cuban Portraits

Rosebud Online Magazine

May 2001

Anthologies featuring Short Stories

Trauma, Tresses, and Truth
Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narratives

ed. by Lyzette Wanzer 
November 2022

Trauma, Tresses, and Truth_Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narratives.jpg

Artists After Maria
by Jonathan Lessuck and 
Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
November 2019 



ed. by Ivelisse Rodriguez and

Jennifer Maritza McCauley

Summer 2019


Latino Book Review Magazine

ed. by Gerald Padilla

May 2019

Latino Book Review 2019.jpg

Bronx Memoir Project: Vol 2

ed. by Charlie Vazquez

April 2018



Revista de Literature Latino America


Vol 2, No 3, March 2018


Afro-Hispanic Review

Vanderbilt University

Vol. 36, No. 1, Spring 2017


Latina Authors & Their Muses

ed. by Mayra Calvani

December 2015

Latina Authirs and Their Muses.jpg

Bronx Memoir Project Vol. 1

ed. by Charlie Vazquez

and N.D. Ratcliff

July 2014


Breaking Ground: Anthology of Puerto Rican

Women Writers in New York 1980 - 2012 

ed. by Myrna Nieves

September 2012

Breaking Ground Anthology.jpg

The Routledge Companion

to Latino/a Literature

ed. by Suzanne Bost

and Frances R. Aparicio

August 2012


When Last on theMountain

ed. by Vicky Letterman

and Carol Roan

January 2011

When Last on the Mountain.jpg

Woman's Work:

Short Stories

ed. by Michelle Sewell 

July 2010



ed. by Tom Jenks

and Carol Edgarian

Fall 2007


Growing Up Girl

ed. by Michelle Sewell

April 2006

Growing Up Girl.jpg

Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul: Celebrating

La Comunidad Latina 

ed. by Jack Canfield,

Mark Victor Hansen, and

Susan Sanchez-Casal 

August 2005

Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul.jpg

Defining Moments

Acts of Emancipation

Anthologies of Teachers Writings

Plymouth Writers Group

2003 and 2005